How to Re-Grow Green Onions


My daughters completely love any sort of science experiment. They love learning new things and watching things develop.

Since we’ve chosen not to raise chickens again for some time, we’ve been doing a lot of planting type tests. We joined a self-teach planting gathering and we’ve also been getting things done all alone.

The book Square Foot Gardening has given us plenty of thoughts.

Something they have been super into recently is re-developing nourishments. Several years back we re-became grown onions in our garden that was plenty of fun!

We’ve done a wide range of foods, yet one of the ones I see as most remunerating is re-developing green onions. It’s a procedure that happens quickly, making it perfect for fretful small kids. They can see the outcomes rapidly!

It’s a serious basic procedure also, so I’ll quickly walk you through the means. I trust you’ll check out this enjoyment planting try different things with your children!


  • Green onions
  • Shot glasses
  • Apparatuses
  • Cutting Board
  • Sharp blade


Next time you purchase green onions at the supermarket, cut them well over the root. I like to put them into a shot glass of distilled water. You can use another dish, but I find that the state of shot glasses works especially well with green onions.

In only a couple of days, you’ll notice that they are beginning to develop. See the entirety of that new green growth?