How To Remove Grease And Cooking Odors From Kitchen Cabinets


I regularly clean the counters, floor, appliances and sink in my kitchen, but there is one task that I always leave for later: cleaning the kitchen cabinets. Over time, kitchen grease forms a dirty layer on kitchen cabinets that can make them dirty and dull. Grease can be a little difficult to remove from kitchen cabinets, but fortunately there is a simple helping hand that will make the job much easier and more efficient.

source: Domestic Cleaners / Preferred Woodwork
You know the old saying: “Oil and water don’t mix”. But you want to know what’s going on? Oil and oil! By cleaning your cabinets with vegetable or mineral oil (coconut oil also works), you can remove grease and dirt from your cabinets. Simply add a few drops of oil to a soft cloth or microfiber cloth and start cleaning the outside of your cabinets.

source: Asiestucasa / Minwax


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