How To Remove Wallpaper In An Easy & Simple Way.


The best way to change how a room looks without putting plenty of money on it is to pain it. You can basically spend $30 or less on painting a room, and you won’t even need more decoration or furniture to completely change how it looks. But when your room walls have wallpaper on them, it’s hard to do the work fast, removing wallpaper from your walls is such a pain in the ass.

When we first moved to our new home, we had 8 rooms with wallpaper on them. The house was a foreclosure and all the wallpaper was messed up, so we had to remove it and do it again. It was too much I still struggle with removing bits of wallpaper from the walls of one room. The rooms were a lot to deal with, so I’ve tried many things and ways to remove them. I even was too desperate I bought wallpaper steamer to remove it. But I later found out that you don’t need expensive tools or a wallpaper steamer to remove it.

To effortlessly evacuate your wallpaper, you will need a spray bottle, fabric softener, a putty knife, and a wallpaper remover tool (that you can find in Amazon).

Start by stirring up a little bunch of shower. You will need to blend around 1 cup of fabric softener 1 cup of high temp water. You can make a bigger clump, however, the most simple approach to expel wallpaper is the point at which the spray is as yet hot so I like doing little bunches to keep the shower warm.

When you have the spray blended, take your wallpaper remover tool and softly run it over an area of the wallpaper. I have discovered it’s the most effortless to work in small (around 2 feet) segments.

The tool should scrub the wallpaper so the spray blend can penetrate through the wallpaper.

When you have the wallpaper scrubbed you should now be able to spray the wallpaper with your blend. Make sure you get a lot of the fabric softener blend on the divider. I sometimes apply a lot of that it runs down the divider. Simply make sure you have a few towels on your baseboard to get any of the blend. Let it sit on the wallpaper for 5 minutes.

When the blend has set for 5 minutes you can begin to evacuate your wallpaper. I like to begin at a crease and use the clay blade to kick it off. When I get under an inch or two of the wallpaper I can normally effectively expel the segment I had drenching. It just strips directly off! It truly is the easiest approach to remove the wallpaper.

At the point when I finish that area, I simply begin once more on scrubbing and drenching the wallpaper.


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