How To Rid Mildew And Hard Water Stains From The Shower


Today, most showers have a glass door or are surrounded by glass. While this sounds wonderful, glass is also extremely difficult to keep clean. Between the mold, hard water stains and soap residue, the shower glass can quickly seem neglected. Fortunately, this simple tip will help the glass shine as brightly as the day it was installed.

source: This Grandma Is Fun!

This funny grandmother reveals that Jet Dry and some dishwashing liquid are the winning combination when it comes to cleaning shower windows. She bought a wand for the dishes and replaced the sponge with a scratch-resistant scrubbing pad so as not to damage the glass. Then he put a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid on the wand, added a drop of Jet Dry and filled the wand with water for most of the trip. He then tipped the wand up and down to mix the ingredients.

source: This Grandma Is Fun!


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