How To Ripen Bananas In 24 Hours!


Bananas are one of my favorite fruits, but they’re really hard to buy. If you buy ripe bananas, you’re going to end up with a brown mess in two or three days. And if you buy them green, they take forever to get ripe. If you want to know how to ripen bananas in only 24 hours, check out the following tips.

With this trick, you’re going to buy green bananas, then ripen them at home. And here’s the important trick; I buy 6-7 bananas, then ripen the first three, and by the time the ones I ripened are done, the other ones will start to riped as well, just at the right time.

Ripening your bananas in under 24 hours is easy. You just have to get a brown bag and a ripe apple!

Start by placing the bananas and the apple in your brown bag.

Roll up the ends of the bag, then place it in a warm, dry area. Here’s what’s going to happen; the apple will give off a gas inside the bag, and that gas will quickly ripen the bananas. Let it sit for 24 then your bananas will be ready to go.


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