How to Snake a Toilet when Plunger Doesn’t Work on Clogged Toilet


Let’s face, we all faced a clogged toilet and rushed to get the plunger and it did not work. Well, if you think that you are the only one that faced this embarrassing situation, then you are wrong. But why the plunger failed to do its job? The answer lies in the plunger itself and in you as well. Almost everyone buys a random from the grocery store and they end up calling a plumber because it didn’t work properly. Keep reading to find out why your plunger failed to do its job.

source: Water Master / Shutterstock

First, you should know that there are 2 main types of plungers and they are both different, and they are designed for different purposes. However, they both look similar and to the bare eye, they are the same. Well, they are not because one is designed to work on tubs and sinks, and the other one is made to work on toilets (You probably buy and use the one made specifically for tubs and sinks).

If you can’t make a difference, pay close attention. Plungers that have a flat bottom are made specifically for sinks and tubs, and plungers with an additional rubber part on the bottom are the ones made for toilets (they are the ones you should buy). Sometimes, even with the right plunger, you can fail to unclog your toilet. Well, it is because of poor technique. Before you start plunging, make sure to fill the bell with water to make it possible for the plunger to do its job. If you didn’t follow along, here is a YOUTUBE video that explains this method in details: