I Cleaned My Oven Door with a Dishwasher Tablet — Here’s How It Went


Discovering unconventional yet effective cleaning methods can be a game-changer, especially when it comes to tackling the stubborn grease and grime on your oven door. In this unique experiment, we explore the surprising cleaning prowess of dishwasher tablets on an oven door, revealing a simple yet effective approach to achieving a spotless result.

The Cleaning Journey:

Embarking on this cleaning adventure, the author prepped by donning gloves, a wise choice considering the active ingredient, bleach, present in dishwasher tablets. With the tablet unwrapped, it was dipped into a bowl of warm water, ready to take on the visible grease splatters on the oven window.

The cleaning process began with a scraping motion, alternating between the blue and white sides of the tablet. Surprisingly, both sides proved equally effective at swiftly removing baked-on grease spots. The author noted the quick results, making the process efficient and satisfying.

The Best Technique:

The cleaning continued with the tablet, occasionally dipped in warm water, until it eventually crumbled. To address hard-to-reach areas around the metal frame, a fresh tablet was opened. The author discovered that laying the tablet flat and applying pressure with the palm of their hand yielded the best results. Despite the red power ball falling out, it was dissolved in warm water, adding a resourceful touch to the cleaning process.

Once the entire glass surface was scrubbed, a paper towel was used to wipe away the greasy residue, followed by a wet towel to eliminate any leftover traces. The end result was a flawlessly clean glass window, highlighting the effectiveness of the dishwasher tablet.

Cleaning the Non-Glass Part:

Moving on to the non-glass section of the oven door, the absorbed water from the tablet expedited the removal of grease. With a bit more pressure applied during scrubbing, the process became even more efficient. Stubborn bits of baked-on grime were addressed by crumpling the remaining tablet and giving the entire surface another thorough scrub. After a brief drying period, a wet cloth was used to wipe the door clean effortlessly.

Recommendation and Key Takeaways:

The author wholeheartedly recommends this method for oven cleaning, emphasizing the minimal need for vigorous scrubbing and the absence of specialized tools, other than gloves. Key takeaways include the suggestion to use a spray bottle in addition to a bowl of warm water, ensuring the tablet absorbs an optimal amount of water before starting, and applying a fair amount of pressure while scrubbing, with the palm of the hand proving most effective.


In conclusion, the experiment with dishwasher tablets showcased their tiny yet potent cleaning powers. With a bit of innovation and a willingness to explore unconventional methods, achieving a spotless oven becomes a surprisingly straightforward task. The author’s experience suggests that this unique cleaning approach is not only effective but may become a household secret for tackling oven grime in the future.

images source : the kitchen – Ashley Poskin