I Just Discovered The Right Way To Use A Strainer


If you’re like most individuals, the humble strainer is probably a kitchen tool you use without much thought. It’s a simple apparatus with a singular purpose: separating solid food from liquid. However, a recent viral TikTok video is challenging the conventional way we use strainers, unveiling a technique that promises to revolutionize your straining game.

Let’s address a common issue with traditional straining methods. When draining pasta or vegetables, many people place the strainer in the sink and pour the pot’s contents into it. The problem arises when the steam and heat cause the strainer to shift or wobble, risking spills or burns. Moreover, if you’re using a colander with larger holes, there’s a chance that smaller food particles may slip through and end up down the drain.

The Game-Changing Solution: Strain Inside the Pot or Pan

According to the TikTok sensation, the key lies in a simple adjustment to your straining routine. Instead of treating the strainer as a separate entity, place it inside the pot or pan itself. This ensures stability and allows hot water or steam to escape without any mishaps. Follow these steps to master the technique:

  • Secure Placement: Position the strainer inside the pot or pan, ensuring a snug fit on the edges.
  • Efficient Draining: Pour the pot’s contents into the strainer, enabling the liquid to drain out through the bottom.
  • Remove Excess Liquid: Use a spatula or spoon to press down on the solids, eliminating any trapped excess liquid.
  • Gentle Shake: Lift the strainer out of the pot, shaking it gently to release any remaining liquid.
  • Final Transfer: Pour the solids back into the pot or transfer them to a serving dish as needed.

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This simple yet effective technique enhances safety and efficiency, minimizing the risk of burns or spills while ensuring no precious food pieces go down the drain. The next time you find yourself reaching for a strainer, give this method a try – you might just find yourself becoming a straining pro in no time!

image source : TikTok/@johannawestbrook – homemaking