I Tried This TikTok Hack to Keep My Trash Can from Stinking — And It’s the Best Thing to Ever Happen to My Kitchen


When it comes to kitchens, there’s one universal truth: no one enjoys a foul-smelling garbage can. And as if by some unwritten rule, warmer temperatures seem to amplify those unpleasant kitchen odors. Always on the lookout for innovative solutions, we recently stumbled upon a clever TikTok hack that effectively eliminates any lingering stench. The best part? It’s remarkably simple and requires minimal effort. Let us walk you through the process!

This ingenious tip comes from Hailey, also known as @thehouseforhosting on TikTok, a DIY enthusiast with a penchant for budget-friendly projects. In her video, Hailey introduces two key items for this garbage-deodorizing hack: felt pads (similar to the ones used to protect your floors from chair scratches) and essential oil in a scent of your preference.

To get started, gather these two items and consider the preferences of your household, especially if you have pets. Keep in mind that certain botanical oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree can be toxic to pets. For those with a sensitive nose, it’s advisable to purchase essential oils in-store, allowing you to sample scents before making a decision.

Now, here’s the magic: place a few drops of your chosen essential oil onto the felt furniture pads, and affix the pads to the interior of your garbage can. Yes, it’s that straightforward!

Although the video doesn’t specify the exact amount of essential oil to use, we found that approximately five to eight drops per felt pad, with two pads per garbage can, worked well for us.

The outcome? The scent of the essential oil on the felt pad was pleasantly subtle, avoiding any overpowering aromas. And most importantly, no more unpleasant garbage odors!

the delightful scent should last about a month. To ensure a continuous fresh fragrance, keep extra felt pads and essential oil on hand for when it’s time to replace them.

Now, we’re curious: How do you keep your kitchen trash from developing that unwanted stink? Share your tips and product suggestions with us in the comments below!

image source : the kitchn