If You Are Suffering from neck pain, make sure to read this


Our daily lives have a tremendous effect on our health. Muscle and joints pain are very common these days because of the newly adopted lifestyle. The technological advancement made so many things easier but in return, reflected negatively on our healths, bad postures, constant phone, tablet, and computer use all lead to a single unfortunate event, stiff necks.

As mentioned before, bad postures are the main reasons behind stiff necks because it causes muscle and joint overextension and that makes them tire quickly. When your neck’s muscles are strained, smooth head-turning movements become difficult, your muscles will start to get pulled, and nerves will eventually get damaged, that is why you feel pain for days and possibly weeks in your neck area.

The question that should be asked is: Is there any solution for stiff necks?

The answer is, YES there is, keep reading.

Stiff Neck Solutions

Stiff necks do not require any kind of intensive medical even though it blocks people from performing simple tasks. If you have a stiff neck, then a massage is the best thing you can do to yourself.

First, you have to identify the painful spot, then start pushing firmly into the knot and simultaneously bend your neck to the opposite direction of the painful area. Do this process 20 times followed by a good stretch to relax your muscles and relieve your neck pain.

You can also use these remedies to soothe the pain:

  • Sleep on a firm mattress that can adequately support joints.
  • For a short-term fix, you can use a neck collar to reduce pressure.
  • Continue activity that includes smooth, painless movement.
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication
  • Alternate between using hot and cold compresses.

There is another method that seems to be very effective and delivers instant relief. Here’s a video going in details about the subject (disclaimer, the video is in Japanese)