If You’re Trying To Conceive, Try These 8 Tips.


Have you ever thought about how beautiful your life will be if you had a baby? Are you impatiently waiting to get pregnant? Have you been trying to have a baby for a long time but nothing seems to work out? We know how frustrating and annoying that feeling is. Getting pregnant isn’t always an easy thing, you don’t only have intercourse and magically get pregnant after. If you want to get pregnant, try following these 8 tips that will help you (besides intercourse, of course).

1. Get to know your cycle

As a woman, you should always track your period and know when to expect your period. But a lot of you don’t know how your cycle looks like, how many days it lasts and how when you ovulate. So start using a calendar (or a phone app), they’re really useful if you want to know when you exactly ovulate so you can fertilize your egg while it’s still there. And even though your period is kind of irregular, you can still know when to expect your most fertile period.

2. Calculate when you ovulate

As I’ve said above, it’s important to know when is your ovulation period if you want to get pregnant. If you know when the egg will be there, you will be able to successfully fertilize it. You can find many tools and apps that can help you to know when you are the most fertile. You only need to know when your last period started so you can be able to track your cycle through other tools and apps. 

3. Buy an ovulation test kit

Just like internet tools and apps, you can use a physical ovulation test kit to know when you are the most fertile, there is a wide range of tests nowadays that you can use to successfully know if you’re fertile that day. They’re easy to get and they work just like pregnancy tests.

4. Don’t have sex every day

This also revolves around when you’re ovulating. If you’re trying to get pregnant, you shouldn’t have sex every single day (unless you love it) but if you’re only doing it for the sake of being pregnant, you’re just wasting your energy. If you want to get pregnant, you can have sex five days before your ovulation day and that day itself. Only 6 days per cycle. And once or twice per fertile window is enough. According to health specialists, by having sex every single day, you’re putting way too much pressure on yourself and on your partner, which leads to exhaustion and being unable to continue.