It Turns Out We’ve Been Wearing Our Bras Incorrectly For All These Years


I know that you are very surprised right now because I had the same reaction! I couldn’t accept and believe the fact that I’ve been wearing them incorrectly for all this time!

Brittany Packnett purchased a bra from ThirdLove and noticed that it had a tag attached to it instructing the wearer on “how to put on a bra.” But she didn’t really pay attention to it , anybody would do the same, right? You’d assume it’s useless since you know how to wear a bra.

But after putting on the bra, she noticed that it wasn’t fitting correctly, which made her take another look at the instruction label. She was very surprised once she discovered that she really had been wearing bras incorrectly for a very long time!

The instruction tag explained that when putting on a bra, you should start by fastening it on the lowest (or loosest) hook. Next, you should gather and adjust each breast into each cup. Finally, you should make sure that you’re tightening each strap every other month.

If you’re wondering why you should be doing any of those things, bra-fitting experts suggest that fastening your bra on the loosest hook will help the bra to last longer. Since fabric gradually loses its elasticity, going from the loosest to tightest hook makes the most sense. The same goes for bra straps, which need to be tightened periodically to maintain a perfect fit.

If you’re feeling extremely out of the loop right now, don’t stress. After Brittany’s tweet started gaining traction, many women chimed in explaining that they, too, had been wearing bras incorrectly for decades. And some of their tweets will give you a good chuckle.