Keep your windows clean using these 8 tips

Clean windows can have such a huge impact on how a room looks like. Cleaning up your room’s windows can make it look brighter and cleaner of course. But cleaning your windows and removing grime and built up water can be a hard thing to do.
If you are having a hard time cleaning your windows, here are 8 tips that are going to help you with that task.
1. Get rid of tough stuff without water
If you want to get rid of all the tough stuff on your windows, then don’t use water. As an alternative, mix a pint of rubbing alcohol with two tablespoons of liquid soap and (two tablespoons of ammonia, then start scrubbing your windows using the mixed solution.
2. Use an eraser
Some times when you finish cleaning windows, you notice streaks on the glass. To solve this problem, wipe away the streaks using a dry board eraser.
3. Use coffee filters instead of newspaper
Newspapers are widely used as window cleaners, but they often leave ink marks on hands. A good alternative is a coffee filter, it will clean your windows and leave your hands stains-free.
4. Try RainX
RainX, we all stopped at some point to buy one when we had none in the car in the cold and rainy weather. This product is not only useful for cars only, but it can also be used to clean windows at home. Actually, RainX can actually clean your windows and keep them that way for months.
5. Remove decals with rubbing alcohol
If you have a sticker stuck on your window and you want to get rid of it, then peel it using a razor blade then spray some rubbing alcohol on the sticky glue, then wipe it off. It should come off easily.
6. Use a squeegee
Squeegee will serve you well if you want clean windows. Head to the local store and buy one, use it and after each swipe, make sure to wipe the blade to avoid streaking.
7. Get rid of window sills with a paint brush
If the window sill is hard to clean up, then use a foam toothbrush. Simply soak the foam toothbrush in rubbing alcohol, then start wiping the interiors of your window frame to extract debris and dirt. If there are smaller places that the foam toothbrush fails to clean, use a cotton swab instead.
8. Clean your screens with a link roller
During the summer, window screens collect dust, fur, etc. To solve this get yourself a lint roller and start wiping the screens to clean them.