“Mom hack to avoid tiny human meltdowns when you’re out shopping.”


Shopping with our children can be a bit of a tightrope walk. It’s no secret that when our little ones stroll down the aisles with us, they have an uncanny ability to spot things they absolutely must have – things that weren’t part of our shopping game plan.

This, of course, places us parents at a crossroads. Do we give in to their desires to avoid an in-store meltdown or muster the courage to say “no,” even if it leads to a potentially epic tantrum?

Handling a tantrum might be a rite of passage for parents, but let’s face it – it’s not an enjoyable experience. The child is distressed, the parent is red-faced, and the other shoppers get an unexpected dose of in-store drama.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could take our kids shopping without risking such a public spectacle? Well, it turns out there might just be a clever solution.

Enter a brilliant parenting hack that’s been making waves on TikTok. It’s not your run-of-the-mill “no” when your kids eye something they desire in the store. It’s a nifty middle ground.

Instead of immediately buying the coveted item, you can tell your kids that you’ll snap a picture of it and add it to their ever-growing birthday or vacation wish list. To keep things organized, create a dedicated folder on your phone to house all these snapshots, making them readily accessible when it’s time for gift shopping.

What’s fantastic about this tip is that it not only averts in-store meltdowns but also streamlines gift buying for family and friends. Now, they’ll know exactly what your kids have been yearning for.

The response to this hack on TikTok has been overwhelmingly positive. Some are hailing it as “awesome,” while others attest that it genuinely works. As one comment puts it, “We love this hack! My kids now say ‘mom, you can put this on my list’ instead of pestering me to buy it.”

Interestingly, some parents are applying this tactic to their adult children, not because they fear a temper tantrum in the store, but simply to remember what to purchase for future gifts. One TikToker humorously shares, “My parents do this when we shop together. I’m 23 years old! It’s the easiest way to remember what to buy. I do it now too.”

In the world of shopping, this approach offers a win-win. It allows your child to feel that their wishes are being considered while also helping them learn restraint. When they see an item they desire, you can reassure them that it’s on the list, and they can look forward to special occasions like birthdays or vacations for the possibility of receiving it.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself in the awkward position of dealing with a store-induced tantrum, consider giving this handy photographic wishlist trick a try. It just might transform your shopping outings into more harmonious and organized family adventures.

picture credit: in the know