Narwhal The Unicorn Puppy Is Melting Hearts Worldwide


This abandoned pup was born with an extra tail — right on his forehead. His vet thinks he could go on to do great things.

An abandoned puppy, aptly named Narwhal, has found online fame for his unique (and unicorn-like) birth defect.

Staff at Mac’s Mission, a Missouri rescue group that specializes in dogs with special needs, injuries or abuse, have taken on the 10-week-old pup, who was born with an extra tail ― right in the middle of his forehead.

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Narwhal is quickly getting worldwide attention, which his foster family says is amazing for all the other special needs dogs at the mission. Narwhal is “super excited for being the poster child for ‘special is awesome,’” the rescue group wrote on its Facebook page.

The Cape Small Animal Clinic confirmed that its veterinarian, Dr. Brian Heuring, inspected Narwhal, who they believe is a dachshund mix. Heuring told HuffPost in a message that the tail was not causing harm or complications.

“The tail is likely a congenital defect,” he said. “Those usually manifest in dogs as cleft palates or extra toes, and the causes can range from environmental factors to toxins the puppy’s mother may have been exposed to.”