Ordinary white vinegar is the dishwashing hero you need.


In the realm of culinary delights, grease plays a tantalizing role, enriching flavors and textures. Yet, its lingering presence on dishes post-meal can be a nuisance. If you’ve been perplexed by stubborn oil residues on seemingly clean dishes, here’s a simple solution: reach for a bottle of vinegar. This humble kitchen staple offers more than just salad dressing potential; its degreasing prowess can transform your dishwashing experience.

The Magic of Vinegar in the Kitchen:

Vinegar, though not the miracle elixir some wellness gurus tout it to be, has undeniable merits in the world of cleaning. Its dual action as a degreaser and deodorizer makes it a must-have in every kitchen arsenal.

For those who frequently use plastic containers to store diverse culinary creations, maintaining their purity is paramount. Imagine wanting to store a delicate cocktail syrup or a fragrant coconut curry only to find residual odors from yesterday’s olive oil-laden stew. A quick spray of vinegar on such containers ensures they emerge from the wash pristine and odor-free. If handwashing is your go-to, especially with hard water, pre-treating greasy dishes with vinegar becomes even more crucial.

Moreover, the tenacity of oil in retaining aromas is no secret. Vinegar acts as a shield against this, particularly for materials like silicone and plastic. A brief vinegar rinse for utensils, such as spatulas, can prevent the unwanted transfer of stale food or detergent smells to fresh ingredients.

Vinegar: The Not-So-Secret Weapon:

While vinegar offers a plethora of benefits, it’s essential to acknowledge its boundaries. It’s not a universal disinfectant, and its modest acetic acid concentration means it won’t vanquish the most resilient pathogens, especially those lurking in raw meats. Additionally, for those with cookware crafted from reactive metals like aluminium or cast iron, caution is advised, as vinegar’s acidity can induce corrosion.

For scenarios demanding a more robust cleaning approach, products like Barkeeper’s Friend might be more suitable. Yet, for an eco-friendly, food-safe degreaser and deodorizer, vinegar stands unparalleled.


Every kitchen deserves efficient, safe, and reliable cleaning solutions. Vinegar, with its natural degreasing and deodorizing properties, fits the bill perfectly. While it might not address every cleaning challenge, its versatility and efficacy make it a cherished ally in culinary hygiene. So, the next time grease threatens to mar your kitchen’s sparkle, remember the age-old wisdom in that bottle of vinegar.

image source : portalt5