Pay attention to the color of your urine because it reveals many things

Did you know that you can do a medical examination at home by just looking at your urine? Well, if it’s your first time hearing about this, then you should probably know that the smell, consistency, and smell of your urine have such great details about your health.
 If your urine is pale, then you are fine, but if it is dark, it means that you are dehydrated and your body needs more water, some times it can be because of food coloring, and other times because of bile or liver ducts.
You should also keep in mind that urine is affected by the things that you ate. For example, if you ate blackberries, beets, or rhubarb, then your urine might come out pink or slightly red, but if you haven’t taken any of those foods, then you should do a medical examination asap because it can be a sign of kidney disease, prostate, a tumor, or a urinary tract infection.
If you’ve taken asparagus, then your urine will have a green tint color and a somewhat sulphuric stench, but if your urine is green(ish) then it is a sign of either tract infection or kidney stones. Cloudy white urine can also be a sign of urinary tract infection. If you notice the cloudy white color, then seek immediate medical care because the infection might be bad.
Another thing you should start paying attention too is the smell of your pee. If you smell an ammonia smell, then drink water because your body is dehydrated. If you smell a strong scent it can be a sign of bladder infection, urinary tract infection, metabolic disease, or diabetes. If the smell is persistent, then book an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.
If the urine seems to be thicker than usual, then it might be a sign of an undiagnosed illness or some sort of infection. If your urine is foamy then it is because of kidney issues, and if it is cloudy, then it is a signal of kidney stones.
Learning how to effectively read and analyze your urine is very crucial because it can end up saving your life someday.