People Are ‘Stripping’ Their Towels, And The Results Are Equal Parts Fascinating And Disgusting


In a domestic revelation that’s taken the internet by storm, a peculiar trend has emerged: people are “stripping” their towels. The outcomes of this unorthodox cleaning technique have proven to be a blend of fascination and repulsion. Join us as we delve into this viral phenomenon, exploring the intriguing results that have left many both captivated and aghast.

Ever questioned the true cleanliness of your towels, no matter how often they’ve been laundered? Enter the realm of towel stripping, a cleaning craze that’s gaining traction and turning heads. The process involves immersing apparently pristine towels in a potent mixture of household cleaning products, and the results are as mesmerizing as they are unsettling

As shared by Facebook user Jared Guynes, the technique involves soaking towels in a blend of baking soda (Arm & Hammer), Borax, and OxiClean, all stirred into hot water. The aftermath? Water that reveals a surprisingly grimy hue. Jared’s experiment involved towels that were, by all appearances, thoroughly clean and neatly stored in the linen closet. However, the stripping process uncovered a hidden world of microscopic soap and detergent residues that accumulate over years of use.

According to Jared, these residues not only compromise the towels’ cleanliness but also harbor minuscule amounts of dirt and bacteria, persisting even after standard machine washes. Intrigued by this revelation, Jared decided to test the stripping method on his own towels, resulting in water that left him “literally going crazy.”


The towel-stripping trend serves as a stark reminder that what meets the eye may not always reveal the full story. Behind the facade of cleanliness lies a microscopic realm of lingering impurities. The combination of Baking Soda, Borax, and OxiClean has emerged as an unexpected yet effective solution to expose and eliminate these hidden contaminants. As you reach for your towels, consider the possibility that what’s on the surface might not tell the whole tale. Prepare to be simultaneously fascinated and, perhaps, a tad disgusted by the revelations that await in the depths of towel stripping.

SOURCE OF THE PICTURE :  Hip2Save / Jared Guynes/ StyleBluprint/