People Are ‘Stripping’ Their Towels, And The Results Are Equal Parts Fascinating And Disgusting


Have you ever had the feeling that no matter how many times you wash your towels, they are never that clean? Well, you’re right. There’s a new viral cleaning trend sweeping the nation, and it’s called “taking off your towels. It involves soaking the towels with a combination of cleaning products, and the water you end up pouring into the tub is really gross, and I still can’t look away.

source: StyleBluprint

Facebook user Jared Guynes explains: “So my wife Ashley Guynes looked up something online about ‘towel bars’, where a specific combination of household cleaning chemicals is used to thoroughly clean the towels.

In this case, she took our clean towel collection, again, the towels were totally clean, washed and folded and in the linen closet, completely clean, completely normal.

So he took those clean towels, and he put them here in the tub with this mixture of baking soda Arm & Hammer, Borax and OxiClean, and hot water, and he soaked these things overnight.