Pressure washing dirty sports equipment to make it look like new


If you or your children play outdoor sports, you know how quickly uniforms can become covered in hard-to-remove dirt and grass stains. This tip will keep those uniforms looking great.

Sometimes an ordinary washing machine just isn’t enough, even if you use lots of different detergents. All you need is a pressure washer and you’ll be ready to go home with brand new baseball trousers. The same trick can be used for jerseys, football socks, shin guards, etc.

This YouTube video from Abram Butler and this GIF from redditor xian24 shows how easy it is.

Also, notice how that isn’t somebody’s garage. If you don’t own a pressure washer yourself, just take the dirtied sports gear with you the next time you go to wash your car. Hang the pants, shirts, or what have you up on the floor mat clips and spray them down on the rinse setting. They’ll be looking like their old bright-white selves again in no time. Don’t worry, sports gear is made to be more durable, so, just like you in an intense game, it can handle the pressure.