Random pains? Here’s the meaning behind 8 common body pains


Sometimes you are just relaxing or doing something you normally do like a chore, work, etc, and suddenly a surprising pain kicks in without any kind of warning. This becomes more and more common as we get older. The weir part is sometimes we can’t identify a proper cause or a source of the pain because it just happens randomly. Without further ado, here’s the meaning behind the 8 most common body aches.

source: 24H Viral Photos / Shutterstock

1. Buckling Knees

Sometimes you are just walking around the home or walking outdoor and suddenly, your knees start buckling. This phenomenon can be related to many factors like some injuries, arthritis, or nerve damage. If you experience it frequently, make sure to consult a doctor to know what exactly is going on.

2. Cramps

If you experience stomach cramps, then it’s most likely a result of indigestion. When it comes to random foot, leg, and arm cramps, they can happen because of poor circulation or because of the lack of vital nutrients and/or minerals in your diet.

3. Heart Pain

Heart pain can mean so many serious things even a heart attack. Sometimes (and in most cases), sudden heart pain means that you’ve pulled a muscle in your chest. However, you can’t take heart pain easily, that is why you should see a doctor, to check up on your heart health.

4. Painful Feet

Pain that’s generated from the bottom of your foot while it feels painful and tender when applying pressure on it means that you have plantar fasciitis. It is not something serious, just make sure to wear comfortable, supportive, and cushioned shoes and make sure to stretch and massage your feet every single day or at least a few days a week.



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