Real People Discovered These Genius Little Lifehacks That Everyone Should Know for When They’re in a Pinch


There is nothing better than knowing exactly what to do in an inconvenient situation. Did you spill something on your clothes, there is no soap or detergent around, or did you tear off your new pants before the interview? Maybe you’re out of ideas and don’t know what to do. Well, this list of incredibly useful hacks has you covered. Take the time to read it carefully so that the next time you or a friend is in trouble, you’ll have it in mind.

Command Hooks to the Rescue

Command hooks are one of the most useful small items you can find randomly placed on the floor. In this case, they are perfect for securing pot and pan lids. Often there is no room in the cupboard for pot and pan lids, and the lids are left clanking and clunking awkwardly in the cupboard. This command hook on the inside of the cupboard door is a convenient way to keep them all in one place.

Depending on the size of the closet, each wardrobe can have two or more lids. Of course, try to match them with corresponding pots and pans.

How Straws Make Popcorn Tastier

With better tasting popcorn, everyone wants a taste of the movie theater. Unfortunately, however, sometimes the butter doesn’t reach the bottom or middle of the popcorn bag, but here’s a great solution. Put the butter directly into the popcorn container with a straw. This way, the butter is evenly distributed from the bottom of the bag to the top, so each grain of popcorn is perfectly buttered.

The next time you want to impress someone at a family movie night, use this straw butter scooper to make the perfect popcorn.

Did you see where I put my glasses?

Anyone who wears glasses (or sunglasses) knows that you can never have too many glasses and it’s always a struggle to find a safe place to store them. This may not be the original purpose of this IKEA hanger, but why not use it to store an excessive amount of glasses? You will be amazed at how safe and scratch-free all lenses will be.

This hanger also eliminates the need for bulky eyeglass cases and allows you to see the frames at a glance.

Coasters made from candle lids

If you want to both recycle and save money, don’t throw away unused candle lids. They look like a fun option, but they make really great coasters. This looks like a fun option for reused items, but it really is a terrific coaster. They are perfectly sized to fit mugs and glasses, and the little lip can even trap condensation inside. Next time you run out of coasters, you know what to do.

There’s no point in having a table that you paid a lot of money for ruined by a ring of wet glasses. That’s where these candle covers come in, and they can be a lifesaver!

Always keep your wallet safe when shopping

Want to make shopping a little less stressful? No one wants to constantly worry about having their valuables or wallet stolen the moment they turn around. So what about clipping your wallet to your shopping cart? Stealing an entire shopping cart is much more difficult than stealing a simple purse.

If you try to steal a purse while it is securely fastened to a trolley, you will be quite surprised because the trolley is also secured.

Keep your books open.

We can all relate to the difficulty of keeping pages open, especially if the book is brand new and barely used. The pages can become stiff and you may be tempted to return them to their closed state. If you happen to have a pair of trouser hangers lying around the house, you can do that. Attach a hanger clip to each of the opposite pages of the book and keep them wide open for as long as you need.

This method is great for the avid reader in the crowd as well as the artist. Keeping the pages of a sketchbook apart until the paint dries can be a challenge, but not so difficult with a pant rack.

Cool, cold, no smudging.

It is a daily struggle. When I pour myself a bowl of cereal in the morning, I scramble to finish it before I drown it in milk and it turns into a sticky, unappetizing bowl. That’s when ice cubes come in. It may seem strange, but adding ice cubes to cereal not only warms the milk, but it also prevents the cereal from “going stale.”

If the idea of adding water to a bowl of cereal and milk is a little daunting, consider this opportunity to make milk ice cream. It tastes great and won’t wash the milk down.

Customize your air freshener.

There comes a time when your beloved air freshener becomes odorless and withers away. You may think, “What’s the point? Instead of throwing away air fresheners whose fragrance has weakened, just add a few drops of essential oil to the ingredients and, voila, it will be like new. And the best part is that you can create your own unique scent combination.

From lavender to orange to lemon, essential oils come in hundreds of scents, so the fragrance possibilities for your new air freshener are endless.

Easy Tips for Removing Stubborn Stickers

Have you at one time or another spent hours trying to remove a sticky, stubborn sticker or label from a product you purchased? You just couldn’t let go and showed everyone the half-scraped sticker. Before you give up in frustration, try putting the offending piece in the freezer for a few hours and see what magical results you get.

After a few hours in the freezer, you can easily remove the sticker with a single motion. There is no need for endless scratching and struggling!

Eating Watermelon Like a Coconut

Cutting a whole watermelon is, let’s face it, a lot of work. It’s messy, juicy, and not that fun. Next time you think about this daunting task, consider the coconut method. Cut a little off the top of the watermelon, pick up a spoon, and dig in. Seriously. Scoop out the juicy watermelon, using the rind as a natural protector to keep the juice from spilling out.

Why don’t more people think to do this? Perhaps because watermelon is usually so large that serving it by itself would be overwhelming. Still, it’s a great way to party.

Straightening irons solve your problem.

No one wants to be bothered by an unsightly shirt with a bent, creased, upside down, or wrinkled shirt collar. Since you don’t necessarily want to get out the iron and ironing board all the way to solve the collar problem, here’s a better solution. Clip the collar with a straightener (even if you are wearing it) and iron out all the wrinkles and creases at once.

This is especially great when traveling, as a full iron and ironing board are not always readily available. Think of it as the best travel iron (especially for shirt collars).

Hardware stores for household items

Show off your delicious food to your party guests with a simple wooden cutting board or a plain decorative plate. Spice things up with more unique (and inexpensive) items from the hardware store. Try a marble baking sheet instead of a wooden cutting board. Try tile samples instead of simple knitted or wooden coasters.

They are also sure to be the talk of the town among your guests. Where will you get these unique and rustic pieces? They will surely want one of their own right away.

Razor Reaching for the Back

It may be a bit taboo to talk about this, but many people around the world, usually men, suffer from excessive back hair. It is almost impossible to get rid of it on your own, so you either need to get rid of it with the help of a trusted friend or professional, or you need to create a device like this one. Just tape your regular razor to a long stick or back shaver and your back shaving problems are over.

Shaving the back with this device would certainly still be a bit awkward and would probably end in a few nicks and scratches, but it is better than nothing.

Toilet paper for privacy.

Many private bathrooms have the uncomfortable problem of having a large gap between the doors for some reason. This can be a problem because no one wants to be gawked at while doing their business (no one wants to gawk at someone else). If this dilemma really bothers you, you can make a DIY bathroom curtain by taking a long piece of toilet paper and sticking it above and below the opening.

This thin toilet paper is just right for preventing prying eyes and is a great way to avoid embarrassment and brief glances.

Solving this annoying problem once and for all

It is very frustrating when toilet problems keep happening and the automatic flush toilets don’t stop early enough. We have all experienced this before. It takes longer than expected to get to a public restroom. While sitting on the toilet, the automatic flushing device receives some kind of signal and speeds up the furious flushing of the toilet. Since it is not yet finished, you have to sit there restlessly, worried that it will flush again.

You can cover the flush area with a small piece of toilet paper and save it with a small sensor. You can calmly go about your business without worrying about flushing too fast.

Use sandwich bag strings instead of hair clips.

In the unlikely event that you suddenly need a hair tie, but there is none around and you happen to open a sandwich bag, you may be in luck. A small tie that can close a sandwich bag is a great way to tie up your hair in a pinch. However, they may be more appropriate for smaller sections of hair, such as braids, pigtails, or half curls, rather than a full ponytail or bun.

In those moments of desperation when you might forget your own hair band at home, it is always good to have a backup plan and a hair band alternative.

No cheese on your fingers

The Chinese have invented many life-changing things, but chopsticks are probably the best of all inventions. Chopsticks are not only good for eating rice and traditional, though lesser known, foods, but also for eating common snacks, especially cheese or difficult foods. I can’t stand Cheetos, but they bring in messy things like cheese, which can be quite unpalatable.

Chopsticks are a great way to keep your fingers clean and your stomach happy. You don’t have to worry about getting cheese all over the place while enjoying its deliciousness.

DIY Stand Mixer

There is no substitute for the ease and convenience that stand mixers bring to the world. Whether you’re making crackers or bread, just put the ingredients in the bowl, press start, and all the ingredients will be mixed together. You no longer have to stand there with your own mixer. Buying a stand mixer is a bit of a chore: …… If you’re not, this is a perfect fallback solution.

Simply attach one side of the towel to the blender handle and the other side to something sturdy, like a cabinet handle.

Paper Cup Speakers

Imagine that you are about to take a long car trip. You are alone. You want to put on some music, only to find out that the radio and sound system are broken. How exactly do you plan to spend the rest of your time? Don’t worry, you will be able to listen to music for the rest of the day. You can turn a paper cup into an instant speaker, mold it into an amplifier, and connect it to your cell phone speaker.

In the noise of several cars passing by, cell phone speakers are often not loud enough, so these paper cups can be used to amplify the sound around you.

Two tacos for the price of one

Tacos are a widely loved food that transcends the boundaries of Mexican food culture. However, eating a hard taco correctly, without wasting half of the taco’s ingredients, is a nearly impossible task for everyone. And without exception, the ingredients of a taco end up on the plate. So you use a tortilla underneath to catch the falling ingredients.

Why eat just one tortilla when you can eat both a taco and a burrito?

Organize the organizer compartment.

A glove box is a stylish little container for storing small items you don’t want flying around in your car. However, if you put too much stuff in it, it can become a bottomless pit. That’s where this pencil case comes in handy. This pencil case is the perfect tool for organizing your glove box. Keep your important stuff separate and safe in this plastic box.

If you don’t have enough space, you can also buy a cloth pencil case, a flexible pencil case or a plastic bag to keep things separated and organized.

Don’t waste anything, no matter how small.

Sometimes, the packaging of certain products can make it seem like you’re not getting your money’s worth. It may look like there’s nothing inside, but there’s actually quite a bit left, or it may be hard to reach the product hidden in the bottom or sides of the bottle. That’s where the bread knife comes in. With its sharp, serrated blade, it can easily slice through plastic bottles and scrape out every last drop of product.

It can be applied to ketchup bottles as well as mayonnaise. It can be applied to ketchup bottles as well as mayonnaise.

Buttons and earrings.

Clothes don’t always fit well. It can be difficult to find clothes that cover or hide the parts you like without alterations. This woman found that her new dress didn’t fit as snugly and cover up as she thought it would. Without safety pins or a camisole underneath, she would have been wearing something uncomfortable all day.

The earrings held the two pieces of fabric together perfectly, like buttons. These earrings are unobtrusive, yet stylish and a great quick fix.