Reduce anxiety and depression by keeping a Jasmine plant in your room


Plants are important natural organisms that can produce more oxygen for your house and it can suck almost all of the CO2, but I bet you don’t that some plants can help you deal with negative emotions and relief emotional tensions.

The reason behind that is the direct link between oxygen levels and the feeling of stress. Low oxygen levels and poisonous gazes can be the main causes of stress. That is why making sure that the air running in your house is clean is a must if you want to get rid of a stressed and tired mind.

Treat anxiety, panic attacks, and depression

A study showed that the fragrance of the jasmine plant and fundamental jasmine oil made mice more quite when their pen was filled with the fragrance. It actually had a surprising effect, the mice stopped moving and chose to go to a corner and just sit.

The jasmine effect on the GABA that mitigated tension was brought to light because of the cerebrum filters. Teacher Hanns Hatt said that this discovery is proof to see logical reasons behind fragrant healing.

This experiment was repeated several times, and researchers have always found the same result that proves the fact that jasmine effectively expanded the GABA and it proved effectiveness more than dozing pills, tension drugs, and even narcotics.

Some examinations also found that jasmine essential oil can be effective for bliss, rest, tension, exhaustion, hormones, and it is able to

  • Boost the cognitive performance and alertness
  • Encourage the feelings of happiness
  • Balance hormones: Libido, hot flashes, mood swings, and PMS.
  • Improves the quality of our sleep.
  • Helps us alleviate anxiety

Jasmine essential oil has many other uses like insomnia treatments, concentration improvement, concentration enhancement, and mild depression treatment.

If you have a lack of vitamin B in your everyday menu, then try taking natural spirulina because it acts as a replacement for B vitamins because it contains a wide spectrum of B vitamins that can replace the usual vitamin B. However, you should only take 5 to grams of spirulina daily for good health. If you don’t want to bother yourself with weighing it each and every day, take only a teaspoon a day and it should be more than enough.


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