Relieve shoulder and neck pain by stimulating your hand


Have you ever heard of the saying “Little things have a big impact”? Well, in-depth, it means those small things that we tend to not pay attention to or ignore can have greater consequences. Some daily activities like talking on the cell phone, writing, typing, shaking hands, and stuff like that, create tension in the hand which works its way up to shoulders and neck.

You can turn to medication and high-end massages, but those methods are quite pricy, you can use a simple tennis ball to deal with the generated pains.

All you have to do is put a tennis ball on your desk, table, or a hard surface, then start pressing the junction where your hand meets your thumb. Once done, start rolling the hand on the ball to pry the junction open and apart (you have to resist at first because it won’t feel that good because that is just stress parting ways with your hand).

Continue doing the exact same motion for a little while, then start pivoting your hand in an orange juicing motion for a few minutes. Once done, stand upright and raise your arms over your head, if the exercised hand is stretched farther back than the other one, then it is a sign of increased flexibility (it means that you have done everything correctly and everything is going smoothly).


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