Retired Couple Trades In Their Old House For a Custom Tiny Home With a Downstairs Bedroom On The Beach


In a world where the adage “bigger is better” often reigns supreme, Janice and Glen, a retired couple hailing from Portland, decided to break away from the norm and embrace a minimalist lifestyle by downsizing to a bespoke tiny home nestled along the serene coastline. Weary of the confined spaces within their vintage 1978 Airstream, the duo embarked on a two-year quest to find the perfect match in a tiny home builder, eventually discovering the ideal partner in Timber Craft based in Alabama.

What captivated Janice and Glen about Timber Craft was the company’s unwavering commitment to top-notch, customizable, in-house manufacturing. Their journey involved meticulously selecting every detail, culminating in the realization of the home of their dreams. The couple was overjoyed with their compact abode, boasting ample storage space and freedom to move about, with the potential to fill in empty spots as their needs evolved.

A standout feature of their diminutive dwelling is the ground-floor bedroom, a departure from the conventional tiny homes with lofted sleeping spaces accessed by ladders. Opting for a downstairs bedroom was a strategic choice, enhancing accessibility and overall comfort. Janice and Glen infused their tiny haven with distinctive touches like an electric fireplace, strategically placed skylights, and high-ceiling windows that flood the space with an abundance of natural light.

Living in a tiny home offers a myriad of advantages, from reduced living expenses to curbing the accumulation of possessions over time. For Janice and Glen, downsizing aligned seamlessly with their retirement plans. While maintaining ownership of their cherished house in Portland, they eagerly anticipate relishing the coastal lifestyle in their compact beach home.

The couple’s decision to embrace tiny living mirrors a burgeoning trend. In a landscape where housing costs are soaring and the pursuit of a simpler existence is gaining momentum, an increasing number of individuals are contemplating the viability of tiny homes. Beyond the immediate benefits of cost-effectiveness, these diminutive dwellings contribute to sustainable living, waste reduction, and a smaller environmental footprint.

Although residing in a tiny home may not suit everyone’s preferences, for Janice and Glen, it proved to be an impeccable choice. They exchanged their larger dwelling for a tailor-made tiny home with a ground-floor bedroom, situated in a beachside paradise, and couldn’t be more content. As societal norms shift and environmental consciousness grows, downsizing to a tiny home stands poised to become an increasingly popular choice for those seeking a simpler, more sustainable way of life.

To embark on an immersive tour of Janice and Glen’s charming tiny abode, click on the video below!

In conclusion, the couple’s narrative embodies a broader societal shift towards embracing a downsized, eco-conscious lifestyle. As the world continues its evolution, the allure of tiny homes may very well become a beacon guiding those in search of simplicity and sustainability.

image source : Tiny Home Tours