Spring Cleaning Soon? Make Sure To Not Miss These 5 Spots!

Spring cleaning concept with supplies over floral background

I love it when the weather starts turning on to the warmer side. We can finally open our windows to let some fresh air in. However, before I do that, I like to really give my house a good deep spring cleaning. Despite the fact that I do keep my house truly spotless, I have found that there are places that get neglected. Here are my 5 spots to not miss during spring cleaning.

Under the sofa and bed

Regardless of whether you consistently vacuum, the residue despite everything appears to find its way under the bed and couch. Under my bed is a little desert loaded with dust tumbleweeds. It doesn’t help either that my little dog can fit under the bed. He regularly hauls things under the bed that he wouldn’t like to impart to the enormous pooch, similar to half-eaten dog treats (I know, it’s so gross!). I use a vacuum connection to reach under and vacuum up all the residue and stuff. If your vacuum connection doesn’t arrive at all the paths under you might need to move the couch. It just takes a couple of moments to do, however, it shields the residue from flying around once you open the windows.

Air vents and returns

It is astounding how grimy the air vents and returns can turn into. I like to vacuum the vents and afterward check inside them. It’s constantly enjoyable to perceive what tumbled down in the vent. I have discovered marbles, Barbie handbags, and so on. You can see bit by bit guidelines for cleaning the air vents here. This is likewise a decent time to check the air channel in your heater to check whether it needs supplanting.


Our wood blinds pull in so much residue. I simply take a moist microfiber towel and wipe them down. If your blinds are as filthy as mine are you may need to do this process again on various occasions. If you don’t have a ton of time you can close the blinds and rapidly vacuum them off with a connection. I don’t think it works very too, yet it spares huge amounts of time.


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