The ‘Aluminum Foil Method’ And How It Benefits Skillet Cooking


There are many foods that you can’t warm up in the microwave or stove. To hold their flavor and crisp, just a steamer will do! If you have a bamboo steamer, consider yourself blessed. However, if you don’t, don’t stress! the next hack will assist you with steaming food without requiring any expensive devices.

In a video shared by Food and Wine, Justin Chapple uncovers that some aluminum foil and a profound skillet are all you have to make a DIY steamer. Justin clarifies that you should simply bunch together three bits of aluminum foil and spot them in an enormous, profound skillet. Spot whatever food you need to steam on a heatproof plate, and position the plate over the top of the aluminum foil balls.

Next, pour a limited quantity of water into the base of the skillet. Spot the cover on the skillet and heat the water to the point of boiling. At the point when the water has arrived at a bubble, lessen the warmth and let the nourishment steam for around five to seven minutes, contingent upon what it is. At the point when the time’s up, expel the top and your steaming procedure is finished!

This hack is astounding for steaming food like fish filets, shrimp, dumplings, and vegetables.