The Best And Most Effective 2-Ingredient Soap Scum Remover


A couple of years ago we tore out our old shower in the bathroom and brought a new one. It looked incredible and I totally loved it until the soap scum began showing up on the floor of the shower. I tried to clean it for some time with many cleaners. I took a stab at scrubbing bubbles, lime away, and huge amounts of homemade cleaners. Nothing seemed to remove it.

Two or three months ago, I saw everyone on Pinterest raving about a dawn soap and vinegar mix that they loved. I tried it, however, it was excessively sudsy and it didn’t clean well for me. In the wake of messing with the blend, I found something that worked better with soap scum in our shower. I really think that this is the best soap scum remover. It doesn’t take a lot of scrubbing and you can make it at home in no time with things you most likely have around your home as of now. If you are tired of dealing with soap scum in your shower or bathtub, look at how to effortlessly clean the soap scum with the best soap scum remover.

My shower floor was totally covered in soap scum before I decided to try this out. Using the best soap scum remover I totally expelled it and made the shower look perfect and like new once more.

To expel the soap scum from your shower you will require vinegar, dawn dish soap, 1-2 splash bottles, and a scour brush. In the shower bottle blend 1 cup vinegar with 1/2 cup dawn cleanser. Shake well to truly get everything stirred up.

Start by covering the soap scum with vinegar. You should pour or spray about a cup of vinegar on the region with the soap scum. I simply put the vinegar in a splash bottle and truly showered the entire zone down. Ensure the soap scum is totally soaked with the vinegar. At that point set a clock for around 15 minutes to let the vinegar truly drench into the soap scum.

In the wake of letting it drench take the clean brush and scour over the territory for a moment or two. This should help extricate the most exceedingly awful of the soap scum. After that my shower floor looked much better after this initial step.

Next, spray the area that has soap scum with the vinegar and first light cleanser blend. Once more, ensure that the entire zone is totally immersed with the blend. At that point take your scour brush and give it somewhat clean. Only for around 20-30 seconds to ensure that the blend is finding a good pace soap scum. Set a clock for around 10 minutes and let it drench.