The Doctor-Approved Trick To Keeping Your Band-Aids In Place


It’s in no way enjoyable getting a scratch or cut, especially on your hands or fingers. Essentially every time you wash your hands, you need to apply another bandage. Bandages are magnificent manifestations, but they sometimes wait. As of not long ago, that is! This specialist endorsed stunt is certainly something you’ll need to recollect for whenever you, your children, or your grandchildren get a cut or scratch.

Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors clarifies that after you have altogether cleaned and dried the cut is referred to, you should make two little cuts on each finish of a bandage. Each cut should wind up being about 1cm away from the center bandage some portion of the bandage.

When you’ve made your bandage cuts, place your real cut in the focal point of the cloth part of the bandage. At that point, but one of the base bandage cuts on your skin. Rehash with the opposite side so both base pieces of the bandage have traversed one another. At that point, just put the uppercuts of the bandage over each other.

The final result? A safely attached bandage that won’t go anyplace, regardless of the amount you move your hands, or how frequently you wash them!


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