The proper way to detox your whole body


Nowadays, humans go through stressful situations every single day and because of that they become weak and deal with many illnesses, that is why you should always take good care of yourself by detoxing your body from time to time to relax and get everything bad out of your system.

A common way to detoxify your body is a spirulina bath. Spirulina or the blue-green algae contains antioxidants, amino acids, and enzymes. This method is really good for the skin because it revitalizes and nourishes it. Furthermore, spirulina can kick out toxins from cells and put in beneficial things and it will relieve muscle aches, flu, and fatigue. On top of that, spirulina has a strong mineral base (like Epsom salt), which gives it the ability to detoxify the body and replace toxins with magnesium and sulfates when used in a bath. This process is known as reverse osmosis.

To make a spirulina bath you are going to need:

  • Half a cup of sea salt
  • Half a cup of spirulina mixed with water
  • 5 drop of essential oil of your choice
Why you should start using spirulina:
  1. Spirulina can effectively detox your body.
  2. Spirulina is rich in chlorophyll (a detox agent that can terminate heavy metals and pollutants).
  3. It can alkalize your body, which boosts your liver functions.
  4. A tablespoon of dry spirulina contains 8 mg of calcium (more than raw spirulina).
  5. Spirulina is Rich in minerals and vitamins like selenium, copper, iron, zinc, vitamin E and manganise.
  6. It contains a lot of B-vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9.
  7. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants that can prevent cell damage because of the beta carotene and phycocyanin it contains.
  8. Spirulina contains a good amount of proteins.
  9. It can treat anemia and can be beneficial for pregnant women because it contains huge amounts of bioavailable iron.
  10. Spirulina contains beneficial fat acid and gamma linoleic acid that gives it strong anti-inflammatory properties.