The right way to use these little ketchup cups


There are so many everyday objects that have additional or hidden uses that we have no idea about. For example, did you know that manufacturers make pen caps with holes in the top in case they are accidentally swallowed? If this happens, air can still get down the person’s throat. Pretty clever, huh?

source: Food Network Canada /

Anyways, there’s one seemingly insignificant, everyday object that we’re willing to bet you haven’t been using correctly. And that’s those little white ketchup cups found at the majority of fast food restaurants. You walk over to the ketchup dispenser, fill up three cups, and still manage to run out before you’ve even finished your fries.

Well, have you ever noticed that the majority of those ketchup cups have little ribbed edges? This is because they were designed for those ribs to be pulled outwards. This expands the cup, making it able to hold way more ketchup. Expanding the cup will save you multiple trips back and forth to the ketchup dispenser!

source: Yelp