The shaving cream hack that can deal with the urine smell in the bathroom


We all hate the urine smell in our toilets. It’s a disgusting and nasty smell that some times refuses to go even after cleaning the bathroom. Lucky for us, a group of Australian mothers found an effective messy way to deal with this problem. The women claimed that after covering their bathrooms with shaving cream, the bad urine smell simply disappeared.

The Australian mothers shared their new tactic on FACEBOOK and it took it on fire. A lot of mothers around the world started uploading pictures of bathrooms totally covered in shaving cream, claiming that it worked better than commercial products.

Until now, there is no legitimate source that explains why this method works, but some think that it is due to a chemical reaction that destroys the uric acid crystals. They think that because of that reaction the smell completely disappears.

A lot of women and mothers loved this hack and thanked the Australian women for sharing it with the rest of the world.

Here are some statements of women that actually tried this hack:

”I’d just like to say a huge thank you to the beautiful mum who said to use shaving cream in the toilet to get rid of urine smell. I sprayed it everywhere and rubbed it in went back a few hours later to wipe down and the smell has gone,”

”It worked for me and yes I only paid a couple bucks for the stuff best tip ever! Thank you once again.”

A woman even developed the idea and explained why everyone should start covering a lot of the bathroom space with shaving cream. She said the following statements:

”Anyone who has a house full of young boys will understand why it’s spread far and wide and to all of the grout and corners,”. ”I’m leaving it on overnight. I hope it does well!”

zing her bathroom that’s currently in use by three little boys. And if you’re a parent to boys, you’re going to want to know about it!

Priscilla explained that classic cheapo shaving cream will remove the smell of urine from your bathroom floor and the trim around the toilet. She added that she always cleans the area first with a bleach-based cleaner to disinfect, but as a mom of three boys who are in potty training, the stale smell lingers. That’s why every once in a while, they follow with a shaving cream slather to remove that stale urine smell.

If you’re going through potty training and are worried your bathroom will never quite smell the same again, this hack seems like it’s definitely worth a shot. Thanks for sharing, Priscilla!

An individual also found a unique way to use this hack. The person explained why it is better to let the cream sit for a couple of hours before the beginning of the scrubbing process. The person said:

”Shaving cream! Cheap can, empty it all over the floor and lower wall tiles, rub it in, leave for a few hours, wash it off. Smell gone,”.

A person stated:

”I did the shaving cream trick with a male adult and three-year-old boy in the house of worked great and left a really nice smell.”

Another one said:

”Everyone swears by this.”