Many of us have been pushed to homeschool their children for a week or two. As a former parent, I know that this period is very different from when I was homeschooled by choice. At that time I was able to plan and try different things to see what would work for my children.

Now I feel that parents are struggling with what they can do to educate their children when they are stuck at home. And that’s okay, because most of us are in the same boat. Here are some tips for your children now that they’re home for the moment.

Phonics Hack – On Facebook, Erin Blake tells how she combined phonics and fun with her kids. Erin printed different phonetic sounds on paper and then randomly taped them to a bare wall. When she said the sound out loud, her children had to find the sound on the card and shoot it with a nerve gun. Not only is this a lot of fun for the kids, but it also helps them learn different sounds.

Math Hack – On Facebook, Erin Alford shared a tip that will make teaching math to her kids easier and help them with their homework. Many children have difficulty with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division because they write the numbers on their paper flat. Turn the paper over and ask them to write down their problems and assignments vertically. This allows them to align the numbers correctly and write them in the right places.

Another math hack is Stephanie from Homeschool Hacks with Stefee Grutz. Stephanie, a certified teacher and veteran parent, gives us great advice on how to use Scrabble chips for a fun math game. Children should create a word using the Scrabble tiles, write it on a piece of paper, and then create a math sentence (for example, 3+2+3=8) on the same piece of paper. Watch their video for more information.

Snacks – Another snack Stephanie shares with us is about snacks. If your kids are like mine, they have been eating a lot! Stephanie suggests putting a basket with each child’s name on it and putting in snacks that they are allowed to eat. That way, they can go to their basket at any time without having to keep asking for a snack.

Photo Credit: Homeschool Hacks with Stefee Grutz

There is another excellent snack that could also be classified as a math and life skills snack. Huong Thi told how her son is taught about the cost of food. If you look at the picture below, the healthiest foods “cost” much less than the less healthy choices. Her children “earn money” by doing their homework. She sets the price of the healthiest foods at a lower level so that her children can make healthier choices with the snacks they choose.