This DIY Solution Will Make Your Shower Cleaning Routine Easier And Faster.


We all have our least favorite house chores. Some of them really pisses us off when we have to do them. Cleaning the shower is by far the worst thing to do for me. My least favorite thing to do is scrubbing the stains and dirt off the shower base and walls. I always end up having a bad back and knees pain. Luckily, we found this great shower hack that will change the way you clean your shower easier and less painful.

This YouTuber called Katie Sottile discovered a great cleaning hack for the shower that could change lives and she’s been using it ever since. You need only three things: liquid dish soap, distilled vinegar, and a dish-scrubbing brush. It’s easy to do; mix the dish soap and vinegar in a container, soak your sponge in the solution, then scrub the dirt off your shower!

The combination of vinegar and dish soap makes the scrubbing part easier and faster. The vinegar will disinfect your shower and the dish soap can easily remove grime, mildew, and other dirt. When you’re done scrubbing, rinse your shower base and walls because the dish soap will make it slippery.


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