This Easy Trick Will Make Your Window Tracks Look New Again


If you have the nastiest window tracks and you want to clean them with minimum effort, keep reading for the best/easiest trick that will do the job for you!


  • white vinegar
  • baking soda
  • paper towel
  • cloth or towel
  • old toothbrush
  • spread knife

Follow these steps:

1. Start with the preparing pop

Sprinkle a touch of heating soft drink any place the gunkiest places are, in all probability in the corners. I think that its simplest to utilize a spoon for this.

2. Get your white vinegar

Pour a tad bit of the white vinegar over the preparing pop. It doesn’t take a lot. When you’ve poured the vinegar over the heating pop, simply leave it. This is the means by which the enchantment occurs!

3. Leave

The enchantment can possibly occur in the event that you leave. So simply leave it there and forget about it for 10 minutes or something like that. Simply don’t leave it for a really long time or it will begin to dry somewhat.


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