This Is How Often You Shoud Wash Your Towels!


With so much laundry to do, you probably won’t keep track of how regularly you’re washing your towels, but it turns out you could be drying yourself with bacteria-filled towels as a rule.

As of late, we wouldn’t have wondered how regularly we’re washing our towels (using them post-shower implies they should be spotless right?), but Verity Mann, Head of Testing at the GHI has uncovered how frequently you should wash your towels, and it’s significantly more than you may suspect!

“It might astonish you, but shower towels should be washed after each 3 to 4 uses to keep them sanitized,” Verity Mann, Head of Testing at the GHI let us know.

She clarified: “Regardless of being used to dry a clean body, when you dry yourself, you’re moving dead skin cells and this can turn into a reproducing ground for bacteria.”

For the towels you’re using at the gym or after an exercise, Verity prescribes washing them after each use.

“Not exclusively are your rec center towels shrouded in sweat, however, they can also come into contact with airborne bacterias and can be used to wipe down bits of hardware,” Verity proposed.

To guarantee they are spotless, soft and fresher for more, Verity imparted to us her top tips for washing our towels.


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