This Is Why You Should Give Hair From Your Hairbrush To Your Plants


Plants give your house a modern, cool, and delightful appearance. No big surprise we run to a  wide range of green diamonds to give our house that bonus. This is all good, but you don’t get extraordinary beautiful plants without some work. Do you have a black thumb? It’s safe to say that you are better at killing plants than keeping them fresh and alive? Then the time has come to apply another hack. Get your hairbrush! Yes, you heard that right, and simply add hair from your hairbrush to your plants. Actually, those culled hairs from your hairbrush will keep your plants alive!

Strange, yet evident!


If you don’t have a green thumb, it very well maybe because it’s hard for you to keep your plants alive. Watering them consistently and placing them in a good place is a good start. However, shockingly, it doesn’t end there! You should also make sure that your plants get a ton of different nutrients. You can do this by repotting your plant many times, but there’s also another way you can give your plants some nutrients.

A lot of hair

I’m sure you’ve been shocked at the amount of hair you pull from your brush. And odds are, you toss this bunch of hair in the trash can. Try not to do it the next time. Hair from your hairbrush is the secret to keeping your plants alive.


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