This Is Why You Should Put Slices Of Lemon In Your Tea Kettle!


A few lemon slices can work wonders for your tea pot!

If you use your tea pot all the time, you will perceive this issue: inevitably, there are bits of limescale coasting around at the base of the pot. At the point when you need to heat up some water for some tea, it’s truly irritating to need to maintain a strategic distance from these white bits of scale. There are acceptable clearing tips out there that disclose to you how to clean the pot with synthetic cleaning items. Do you like to utilize straightforward and regular techniques, however? At that point this tip with lemon cuts is something for you.

All you need is a few lemon cuts and a pot brimming with limescale.


Limescale is unavoidable with regards to pots. It develops as you use it and shows up as a white scale around the warming component or the base and dividers of the pot. The limescale can fall away and afterward glide in the water, and potentially be immersed your next cup of tea. Limescale from a tea pot isn’t terrible for your wellbeing. The calcium and magnesium in drinking water are both solid minerals – we even need them. The fundamental motivation behind why a pot has a channel is so the bits of limescale don’t wind up in your tea or espresso. Need to ensure your pot is totally perfect and free of limescale once more? At that point it’s essential to descale it normally.

Lemon slices

The video beneath shows what two or three lemon cuts can accomplish for your pot. Cut two lemons into cuts or wedges and put these in the pot. Fill the pot most of the way with water and afterward turn it on. Spill out the water when it’s finished bubbling, yet leave the lemons inside. Fill it most of the way with new water again and walk out on. Your pot should look clean again in the wake of bubbling lemon water multiple times. Is it not spotless yet? Repeat these means a few times more.