This Is Why You Should Put Your Gold Jewelry In A Glass Of Beer.


Putting your gold jewelry in beer sounds weird and strange, we understand why, but it’s for a good reason! We all have some gold jewelry lying around that we don’t even wear that much because it has changed color over the years, and that’s a shame! Did you know that you can easily revive your gold jewelry? We have a simple trick for you, all you need is your gold jewelry, a glass of beer, and a clean cloth.

Discolored jewelry and beer are a “golden” combination.


First of all, silver jewelry, it reacts to environmental circumstances, like air, water, and dust. This makes it look dark and dull. Let’s not forget that oxygen makes them look darker, but water also makes them discolored and rusty. This is called oxidation, and gold cannot oxidize. But pure gold is too soft to forge jewelry from.

Diamond silver

Did you realize that gems like diamond (or fake diamond) rings can be made to sparkle again if you brush them with a delicate toothbrush and a smidgen of toothpaste? You can also use this stunt for your silver adornments. A while later, wash the gems with water and let it dry.


Since pure gold is too weak to even think about using, your gold jewelry is normally made out of copper, nickel or zinc encompassed with gold plating. These materials can oxidize, which is the reason your gold gems can begin looking somewhat worn out.