This Is Why You Shouldn’t Fold Your Towels, And What To Do Instead.


Do you generally overlap your towels after you’ve removed them from the dryer or off the drying rack? A lot of people do, and we were among them as well! A flawless pile of clean towels to go directly into the cloth storeroom. However, did you know it’s a lot handier to roll your towels as opposed to collapsing them? It doesn’t simply spare you space, it additionally has some other extraordinary advantages.

We’ll never fold our towels again, but instead, we’ll do this.

Soft towels

Do you usually want to dry yourself with an unpleasant, hand towel in the wake of scrubbing down? Have you previously known this is only a piece of life? There’s no need for that! You can without much time ensure your towels will stay soft and delicate. The reason behind why towels become abrasive and scratchy is usually that you’re making some mistakes when washing and drying them.


When washing towels, you want to make sure that you’re staying away from fabric softeners. Without a doubt, your first pile of freshly done laundry might be soft and delicate, but the towels will ingest much less and laundry detergent buildup will stay behind waiting for towels. It’s a lot better to use a different method to make sure your towels turn out soft. An example is to place them in the dryer at a low setting.

Rolling Your Towels

Towels become harsh and abrasive when they can’t dry properly. This can happen, for instance, when you leave the dry clothing in the dryer for a long time or leave it waiting for a big period. Rather, it’s a lot better to roll them when they’re dry. By doing this, you’ll make sure they stay soft and pleasant. It also saves a lot of room because two or three rolled-up towels require less room than a couple of folded ones. And there’s another advantage to it; rolled-up towels a lot look more elegant and tidy, you feel like you’re in a spa!

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