This Phone Killed Its Teen Owner In Her Sleep By Exploding


‘Dying in one’s sleep’ is regularly thought of as the most tranquil approach to pass, if there is a wonder such as this. Unfortunately, this was not the situation for fourteen-year-old Alua Asetkyzy Abzalbek from Bastobe, Kazakhstan.

The youngster hit the hay with her telephone on her cushion, tuning in to music while she nodded off. The telephone was connected to a close-by control attachment, a regular scene for some individuals. At that point the telephone’s battery detonated, seriously harming Alua’s head, murdering her immediately, as indicated by the police. Her family discovered her in the first part of the day and called the paramedics who could fail to help the poor teenager.

Criminological specialists affirmed these announcements. The telephone detonated in the early morning when it overheated from charging. The brand of the cell phone was not uncovered.

Alua’s demise was abrupt, shocking, and agonizing for any individual who knew her. Her closest companion, Ayazhan Dolasheva, 15, posted via web-based networking media: “despite everything I can barely handle it. You were the best. We have been as one since youth. It is so difficult for me without you. I miss you to such an extent. You have left me until the end of time.” [1] [2]

The Epidemic of Exploding Phones



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