Three things that happen to your body when you don’t shower


From a very young age, we are instilled with grooming habits that we choose to follow or not. One of your siblings, friends or roommates must have had a hygiene situation that made you wonder where they got their lotion.

They may have developed their own shower habits over the course of their lives. If you’re not at home and don’t have the facilities, you can skip your regular habits. We get frustrated. We can get lazy. We can have emergencies. But for days, or even weeks, we are too lazy to go to …. . Even your dog may avoid you.

Seriously, how far do you want things to go ?

This is going to sound critical, but it’s necessary: you don’t want to skimp on the bath. Or even a bird bath.

While experimenting with showers may feel like you’re on your way to a scientific breakthrough, here are some reasons why your body (and those around you) may not want to be in the lab with you


At any given time, you have thousands of combinations of bacteria and fungi on your skin. Many of them are there to help. When your dirty habits get the upper hand, bad bacteria get the upper hand, leading to infection.

Staph, ringworm, viruses and other unwanted microbes invade your skin as well as your eyes, mouth and nose. You can’t afford to get sick.

You become rotten.

Doing research for a book titled “How to Lose Friends and Scratch Your Nose Hairs” is no excuse to stink up the place. I’m not suggesting that you soak yourself in jasmine body wash, but the most obvious reason to take a bath is to smell good.

If you can’t smell the onion soup, it’s your fault. That’s you. What makes you want to eat salt and vinegar potato chips? It’s your own smell. What about that weird landfill smell that goes from room to room? Yes, if you haven’t washed your skin with soap lately, that’s you too.

Skin problems

It can lead to acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Not showering can also lead to brown spots known as “neglected dermatitis”. Sweat, dirt, dead skin cells and sebum on the skin and scalp. Take care of your skin regularly in a way that matches your skin.

According to dermatologists, there is no need to shower twice a day, or even every day, but certain areas of the body need attention. Namely, the groin, underarms, feet and face.

There is no need to overuse bath salts, but mild soap and warm water are sufficient. Excessive bathing deprives the skin of good bacteria and natural oils, leading to cracking, dryness and irritation.

You can change your shower depending on your mood and the season, but consider the person behind you, your loved ones and your own nose.