Try This Powerful Homemade Shower Cleaner & Soap Scum Remover.


Showers, they are so hard to clean especially when they are not cleaned for a long period of time. But, I discovered this method that saved me a lot of time and efforts because it can clear off any dirty and nasty spot in a matter of instances.

My shower doors frustrated me for a long time, but now I am glad that I have a method that is super easy to do and has remarkable results, and I am going to share it with you guys.

First things first, you have to make a homemade shower cleaner (don’t worry it is super easy to prepare. All you have to do is to mix equal parts of Mrs. Meyer Cleaner and vinegar, then pour the blend in a spray bottle, shake and you’re done.

Now, take the homemade shower cleaner and start spraying it all over your shower and make sure that you get all of the nooks and crannies. It is preferable to use glass spray bottles instead of plastic ones because of they last longer and they don’t wear out quickly.