Vinegar Can Clean Your Toilet Easily, You Don’t Need Any Toilet Cleaners


If you have that  dirty ring around your toilet, you have something in your home that can get rid of that disgusting thing easily! You don’t have to waste your money to buy toilet cleaners. The only thing you need is a non-toxic and  natural thing, vinegar!

When you put vinegar in your toilet, it cleans it easily, whether you do it daily, weekly, or even monthly. Also,you should make sure you’re using white distilled vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has a brown color that would only stain your toilet.


How To Clean Your Toilet With Vinegar

You’ll start by filling a spray bottle with white vinegar. Why that? You wouldn’t want to waste your vinegar and money right? You can also spray more on certain areas that need extra scrubbing. That of course depends on how dirty your toilet is, you can leave the vinegar in those areas to soak.

If your toilet is  clean,  leave it on for about 10 minutes. If the toilet has a very dirty ring, just  leave the vinegar on to soak overnight. Also, when you go on vacation, leaving the it in your toilet can get rid of the worst stains. Next, use a toilet brush and scrub away the vinegar , your toilet will become satisfyingly clean.


It  Kills Germs Too

Vinegar can exterminate germs, bacteria, and mold. You might have used bleach to kill germs effectively if someone was sick . Have you ever thought to use vinegar to clean your toilet? You also can use vinegar to clean many other things in your home like showerheads, dishwashers, and much more.