What Is the Best Way to Prepare Garlic?


Garlic is probably one of the healthiest natural products ever because it has many compounds and enzymes that can actually prevent cardiovascular disease and decrease the quantity of cholesterol produced by the liver. Furthermore, garlic can actually decrease your chances of getting cancer while boosting up your immune system and improving your bone health.

how to make garlic honey infusion

The problem lies in cooking methods. The medical journal Food and Chemical Toxicology shared a study that found that garlic loses its ability to produce the enzymes required to create the compounds that can prevent cardiovascular disease when heated. That means that when you cook with garlic, you actually kill its strongest potentials.

The best way to unlock garlic’s full health potential is by breaking the bulb by cutting or crushing it and letting it sit for five to ten minutes so that the enzymes can have enough time to form. Now comes the disgusting part, then you have to eat it raw.