Why do people hang eucalyptus in their shower?


Eucalyptus is a wonderful plant that offers many health benefits. Eucalyptus contains many antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it very effective in treating minor wounds and skin problems. The plant is also used to combat coughs, colds and congestion, and is included in many creams to relieve joint and muscle pain. Impressive for such a small plant, isn’t it?

To enjoy the benefits of eucalyptus in your own home, many people hang a few eucalyptus stems in the shower. Why is that? When the shower water is heated, the resulting steam activates the oils in the eucalyptus. Inhaling these oils can help relieve headaches, congestion, inflammation, stress and sore muscles.

Another benefit of eucalyptus? Its smell is extraordinary. If you’ve ever been in a steam bath, you’ll recognize the smell immediately. That’s why eucalyptus is used in many spas and health centers. If you’re looking for a natural way to improve your health, why not put eucalyptus in your shower?

Benefits of eucalyptus in the shower
In addition to being pleasing to the eye and having an aroma that many people enjoy, eucalyptus in the shower can provide health benefits when inhaled. These include:

Stress reduction. For some people, the scent of eucalyptus can produce an immediate sense of calm. This may be due to the effects of eucalyptol, one of the main components of eucalyptus. When inhaled, eucalyptol was shown to decrease anxiety in 62 patients awaiting surgery, according to a 2014Trusted Source study. Eucalyptol is also known as 1,8-cineole.
Pain relief. A 2013Trusted Source study of patients after total knee replacement surgery found that inhaling eucalyptus oil reduced the sensation of pain, plus it lowered blood pressure.
Respiratory health. Eucalyptus oil has a long history of popular use. Anecdotal evidence indicates that when inhaled, the constituents of eucalyptus oil, including 1,8-cineole, may be beneficial for respiratory conditions. These include bronchitis, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) presenting with or without pus.
Sinusitis. Inhaling eucalyptus can reduce inflammation and bacteria, making it beneficial in treating sinus congestion and sinus infections. It also helps clear mucus from the nasal passages and relieves coughing.