Why You Should Always Sleep With Your Bedroom Door Closed


For those of us accustomed to leaving our bedroom doors open while we sleep, perhaps for the convenience of our furry friends or the benefits of better airflow, it’s time to reconsider this age-old habit – not for the sake of comfort, but for safety.

The decision to sleep with your bedroom door closed might just be the key to gaining crucial moments in the event of a fire. With the prevalence of synthetic materials in modern households, the time to escape a house fire has drastically reduced from 17 minutes to a mere three minutes, as reported by Family Handyman.

A recent eye-opening demonstration by the UL Firefighter Safety Institute vividly showcased the stark contrast in fire damage between a bedroom with an open door and one with a closed door. The open-door scenario resulted in complete charring, while the closed-door bedroom effectively contained the fire, emphasizing the significance of the nationwide campaign urging everyone to “close before you doze.”

Closing your bedroom door can act as a barrier, offering precious time for a safe escape and minimizing the risk of severe smoke damage and inhalation. This revelation serves as a poignant reminder to ensure your home is equipped with smoke alarms on every level, all meeting current safety standards. Don’t forget about carbon monoxide detectors – these are just as crucial. Additionally, having a well-thought-out escape plan for everyone in your household is paramount, outlining specific actions to take in the event of a fire.

House fires are an unfortunate reality, but by taking these simple yet effective safety precautions, the potential devastation can be significantly reduced. Here’s to sleeping safely and promoting a secure home environment for all.

images sources : Family Handyman via FSRI/Vimeo – Erie Insurance – Southern Living via Getty Images/Ben-Bryant