Woman Creates Genius Christmas Dinner Leftover Hack – Plus 4 Other Awesome Hosting Tips!


We had Christmas dinner for the first time last year, and I can honestly say it was the most stressful party I can remember. If you’ve ever cooked for a large crowd, you don’t need me to tell you how difficult it can be to cook, clean and entertain at the same time, while trying to schedule the dishes properly. Lucky for you, I’m about to share five Christmas meals that will make the hosting a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

1. Prep, Prep, Prep

source: The Independent

The secret to being less stressed at your Christmas dinner? Prepare as much as you can in advance. Peel all the vegetables and get rid of that time-consuming preparation work. That way, when it’s time to cook, you’ll have much more time and much less stress.

2. Make A Big Breakfast

source: Weelicious

It’s one of the best Christmas hacks ever. Prepare a hearty breakfast for your guests on Christmas Day. Everyone will be so full that they won’t be interested in lunch, which means they’ll have the whole afternoon to get organized and start preparing dinner.

3. Make Use Of The Slow Cooker

source: Blue Jean Chef

Never underestimate the power of a slow cooker! Slow stoves are ideal for cooking vegetables, meat and other side dishes. Not only does it free up valuable space in the oven, but it also keeps the food warm while it is being cooked.


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