Woman Issues Warning After Handyman Highlights ‘Invisible Danger’ Found In Lint Screen


I think it’s safe to assume that we all know the importance of emptying the lint filter from the dryer after each cycle. When lint builds up, the dryer cannot properly remove the heat. And when this happens, it’s very easy for a fire to start. However, one woman warns others about the more subtle and hidden dangers of her dryer lint filter.

source: Tiger Mechanical / iStock

On the Perfect Spice Facebook page, a woman explained what she called her handyman when the heating unit stopped working in her dryer. She said her handyman had called her to come see something – the lint filter. She noticed that the filter looked very clean because it removes lint after each drying cycle.

The handyman took the lint filter to the sink and poured hot water on it. To his surprise, the water flowed over it instead of through it, because all lint filters are made of a mesh material. The handyman explained that the dryer sheets and fabric softener sheets produce an invisible film that covers the surface of the lint filter mesh, and this is what burns the dryer heating unit.