Woman Shares Clever Hack For Removing The White Tendons From Chicken Breasts

Cutting chicken filet in pieces. Human hand with kitchen knife. Wooden chopping board.

No doubt, handling raw chicken can be a rather unpleasant task. Its slimy, cold texture and unappetizing appearance until it’s cooked can make it quite a challenge. However, there’s a clever cooking hack that has emerged over the years to make this job a tad bit more bearable.

If you’ve ever prepared boneless, skinless chicken breasts, you’ve probably noticed those small white parts attached to them. While they may look unappetizing, those white parts are actually tendons, and they can be quite stubborn to remove, especially when chicken breasts are slippery.

Voila! A simple and speedy hack that can significantly ease this rather unpleasant culinary chore. We’re indebted to Mandy for sharing this ingenious trick, and it’s certainly a valuable addition to the arsenal of cooking hacks for those who still cringe at the thought of handling raw chicken.

images source:┬áThe Gunny Sack – Walmart – homemaking.com