You should start drinking cherry juice every night before bed


Insomnia is a bad thing to have because it does not only affect your performance at work and messes with your mood, but it can also lead to serious health problems. Insomnia means that you either find it hard or impossible to fall asleep or to stay asleep. As a consequence, your day is going to be affected badly because of your lack of sleep, not to mention that your life is also threatened by it. Sleeping pills are a solution, but some people simply refuse to take them because they can end up addicted to it.

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Luckily, mother nature always provides a solution. A natural solution that can bring relief to insomniacs is tart cherry because they contain an important amount of melatonin (aka the sleep-promoting hormone). In a study, 20 human subjects were given either a placebo or 30 mL of concentrated tart cherry juice 30 minutes after they wake up and 30 minutes before they go to sleep every day, and the ones that drank cherry juice stayed in bed for a longer period of time and had more sleeping hours and more efficient sleep than the subjects who took the placebo.

And in another study, a group of people that have insomnia drank two 8 ounce servings of tart cherry juice after waking up and before sleeping for 2 weeks and as a result, insomnia symptoms were reduced during the period of the study. The study also found that the subjects woke up only a few times throughout the night.

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Of course, tart cherry juice will not be useful to every insomniac out there, but it can be better and more effective than sleeping pills. And if your life is threatened or affected by insomnia, you should immediately go to a doctor and discuss remedies that fit you better and that can provide better results to you.


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